The money app for nurses

Empowering nurses on the path to stress-free finances. Our financial system covers everything from student loans to guilt-free spending so nurses can enjoy their life - on or off shift. 

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Financial Stress is Hurting Today's Nurses

  • 76%

    of nurses are burned out

  • 50%

    of new nurses leave the bedside within their first two years due to stress

  • 50%

    of overall stress in hospital workforces is due to personal finances... 

Get nurses on the right financial path - STAT.

Standalone mobile app requires ZERO setup with existing systems.

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FiVana is the only financial tool geared towards the hospital workforce.

Keep a pulse on your finances anytime, anywhere - on or off shift.

FiVana makes it so nurses can check their financial vitals on their time. We take care of student loans, 401k, savings, etc. so they can focus on saving lives.

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Nurses Are Asking for FiVana!

"I wish my hospital did more to help me with my money."

- Casey

"I can't even tell you the stress FiVana would have saved me"

- Hannah

"Can I have this now?"

- Heather

Expert guidance without expert intimidation.

FiVana aggregates the best of personal finance technology and translates it into your language. No jargon. No BS. Only what you need to know. 

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Help tailor your employees' finances to their needs - not the other way around.

Why Address Burnout?

  • Reduce Churn

    Happier nurses are less likely to leave the bedside

    Invest in your most valuable asset with a mobile app that reduces your nurses' financial stress.

  • Stay safe

    Nurse burnout is a safety issue

    Empower your nurses to focus on patient health without having to stress about their money

  • Attract talent

    Feeling the pain of nurse shortage?

    Show potential nurses that you care about their well being so they choose you

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